5 Healthy Benefits Of Vitamin B 12

Most vegetarians and older people have vitamin B deficiency. A Canadian family physician Milly Ryan in 2008, stated that about 20% of older age people have vitamin D deficiency because of gastrointestinal problems.

Moreover, vegetarians this deficiency is common because of the avoidance of food like meats, etc., which are rich in vitamin B. Remember that vitamin B deficiency can lead a person more prone to depression, disturbed vision, mouth ulcers, sore tongue, and dementia in a severe case. In short, we can say that vitamin B 12 has a lot of benefits.

Let’s discuss these in detail:

Helps in preventing osteoporosis and support bones:

Vitamin B12 is beneficial for bones. An adequate amount of vitamin B supports your bones and keeps a person away from osteoporosis.

According to Katherine’s study in 2005, people having vitamin B deficiency have less bone mineral density. This research was conducted on 2576 adults.

Improving mood and helps in depression.

Vitamin B is an essential nutrient for our brains as it is suitable for neurons. It prevents certain diseases like brain atrophy and dementia, which are caused by abnormal loss of neurons. A study by Theresa in 2016 argues that vitamin B 12 improves memory and brain functions.

If you are experienced mood swings, vitamin B12 can overcome them. Also, it helps improve the symptoms of depression. Vitamin B 12 metabolizes and synthesizes serotonin, which is helpful for mood regulation. It is considered that low vitamin B levels cause serotonin levels, due to which a person may experience mood swings.

A study by Ehsan Ullah Syed in 2013 on vitamin B 12 found that people who received vitamin B 12 with anti represents recover faster than those who do not receive this vitamin with antidepressants. Vitamin 12 helps in better treatment outcome and speed up the recovery process of depressed patients.

Helps in the prevention of anemia

Vitamin B12 prevents anemia because it helps in the formation of red blood cells. It enables the individual body to produce an adequate amount of red blood cells. When vitamin B 12 level decreases, the shape of red blood cells changes from round to large and oval, leading towards the problem in oxygen transport by red blood cells.

Helps in pregnancy

The proper level of vitamin B 12 is necessary during pregnancy. Studies find out that the brain and nervous system of the fetus require vitamin B12 for appropriate development. Its deficiency leads to pregnancy complications. Mothers having vitamin B 12 deficiency have a greater risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

It acts as a catalyst for energy. It helps the body in energy production, although it has no direct role in energy production. If you feel low in energy or weak, a vitamin B 12 supplement intake will help you overcome it. Indeed the most common symptom of vitamin B 12 deficiencies is feeling weakness and fatigue.

It helps in the growth of hairs, nails, skin, and eyes

As we know, vitamin B 12 plays a role in cell production, so its adequate amount promotes skin, nails, and hair growth. Defense of vitamin B 12 includes nail discoloration, hyperpigmentation, loss of skin color, patches’ appearance, and crack mouth corners. Balance intake of vitamin B12 prevents all these conditions.

Vitamin B 12 has a tremendous effect on vision. A study shows that women have a reduced risk of developing Macular degeneration if they are consuming an adequate amount of vitamin B12 in their diet.

Macular degeneration is an eye disease of the elderly population that causes blindness. It decreases the level of homocysteine in the blood, due to which the risk of macular degeneration is reduced.

Final Words

In short, vitamins and minerals play a significant role in health. Vitamin B 12 is water-soluble and can be taken in the form of a balanced diet or supplements. Fish, beef, liver, calms, cereals, low-fat milk, cheese, and eggs are rich sources of vitamin B 12.

Try to get a proper amount of vitamin B12 from natural fruits and vegetables. According to Canadian Pharmacy can fulfill its needs if food is not sufficient for overcoming deficiency. But remember that before taking any supplement, consult your doctor. Vitamin B 12 is available in the form of pills and syrups. If you let go of vitamin B 12 deficiencies for a longer time, it can increase the risk of brain, heart, and bone complications

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