Ayden Hector – How Can You Become a Better Footballer

Football is one of the globe’s biggest sports, and there are several young aspiring players from all walks of life that want to become professional footballers in the future. Irrespective of age and playing ability, every young player wants to become a better footballer with each passing day. The biggest advantage of football is there is always room for improvement, so no matter how good a player is, there is an urge to perform better at every game they play in the future.

Ayden Hector – Improve your football playing skills with simple techniques

Ayden Hector is a student-athlete who plays for his high school varsity football team in Seattle, USA. He aspires to become a professional footballer in the future. He says if you really want to enhance your football playing skills, you should make the most of your practice during pre-season. This strategy will help you to become a more confident footballer before the final game.

Daily practice makes you perfect on the field

In order to become a better player at football, you need to practice as much as you can. You should be able to control the football close to your body with both of your feet. This makes a great difference to the game as the player’s first touch dictates his next move.

Pay attention to your weak foot – Most players tend to ignore this

One of the best ways for you to improve your football playing skills is to become more confident with the weaker foot. This is an asset that hinders professional players sometimes as well. This is a football skill that separates you from the rest of the footballers. If you are able to make your weak foot stronger from an earlier age, the chances of you becoming a great footballer will increase.

Excel in kicking and controlling the football with your weaker foot

You need to master other techniques, like controlling and kicking the ball against the wall with your weak foot so that it will help you. Players often depend upon their natural foot for playing most of the time, even for several years. Obviously, you will find it quite challenging to use the weaker foot for playing football the first time; however, with regular practice, you can develop the skills of playing with your weak foot faster.

Seek the help of your coach for training with your non-dominant foot

You and your coach can practice drills when it comes to training with your left foot, which is the key to improving your skills as a player. You can resort to simple shooting and passing drills that will keep the weak foot in practice. This gives you the skills and the confidence to play well in your future games.

According to Ayden Hector by embracing different positions, you are able to make your non-dominant foot stronger in several ways. In this way, you can improve your game-playing skills and become a better professional footballer with the passage of time.

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