Calorie count of half an avocado

With the development of transport links among the countries worldwide, domestic consumers could actually get acquainted together with a wide range of exotic fresh fruits, one of which is often called avocado. Mexico is considered the birthplace of this lifestyle. The plant is an evergreen tree of which belongs to typically the laurel family. At present, breeders have bred many types of this specific fruit. In many exotic countries, there are substantial plantations where ca?man pears are produced. Today it is zero longer a rarity and is utilized in everyday diet. Soups, salads, sushi, sandwiches and various snacks are ready through the pulp. That goes well along with seafood.

Avocado is really a dark green fresh fruit of any tall woods which is native in order to Mexico, South The united states and some Countries in europe. The fruit has excellent taste qualities, it truly is most frequently used in cooking, medicine and cosmetological.

It is advised to use it as a substitute for eggs and various meats. Therefore , the fresh fruit is an option food option for believers during fasting and people who practice vegetarianism.


Alligator pear is a source associated with vitamins such as A, Electronic, C, PP, vitamin B group. Other important components usually are iron, phosphorus, calcium mineral and other factors valuable for the body. Avocado has a beneficial result on the action from the cardiovascular method, stomach, intestines, lean meats. It promotes typically the removal of bad cholesterol from your blood, strengthens the human body’s defenses. Inside addition, the formula of the fruit contains substances that have a detrimental impact on cancer tissue, as well as protein necessary with regard to the formation regarding muscle tissue. Also individuals with diabetes can eat it. During heat treatment, the number of helpful elements in typically the composition of the product is significantly reduced, therefore, it truly is preferable to employ it raw.

Typically the fruit is high in vitamins, mineral deposits and monounsaturated body fat. It is very easily absorbed by the particular body and minimizes the chance of heart disease, diabetes and hypertonus.


It is far from advised to eat it for people who are allergic or perhaps intolerant for this merchandise. In addition, it should be remembered that it is also not really worth using in large quantities inside order to avoid the occurrence of undesirable reactions regarding the body. Simply the pulp is eaten, the bone tissue contains hazardous ingredients, so it must be thrown away.

Calorie consumption in half an avocado

The calorie content of avocados depends on the particular variety, but essentially 100 g associated with the product includes 120-167 kcal. 1/2 avocado nutrition is suggested for overweight individuals to consume the fruit in small servings.

Nutritional value per one hundred grams:
? Calories 167 kcal
? Proteins two gary the gadget guy
? Fat 12-15 h
? Carbohydrates 6th gary the gadget guy
? Organic stomach acids 0. 1 gary the gadget guy
? Ash 1 g
? Soluble fiber 0. six gary the gadget guy
? Water 73 g

The typical weight of 1 item of avocado differs from 180 to 200 g, however, there are specimens whose bodyweight can exceed 1 . 5 kg. Most often on the shelves there are fresh fruits weighing no a lot more than 200 g, calorie content one pc. which is around 290-300 kcal. Additionally, it is difficult to reduce the particular calorie content regarding the product.

In the course of the diet

Avocado is a reasonably high-calorie fruit, but when slimming down within small quantities, an individual can eat that, because it does not really contribute to the particular formation and build up of fat. Subject matter to a rigid diet with a great deal of restrictions, typically the rich vitamin structure of the lifestyle will contribute to saturation with all the necessary nutrients. You can find unloading diets, the primary part of which is the alligator pear.

It is recommended for all those who are dropping weight, and with folks who work tough and for athletes.