Listen to your own inner instincts and listen

If you are a patient, do you feel like your doctor does not listen to your questions and or never has time to answer any of your questions but has time to bill you? When you speak with your doctor, do you feel like you are being bullied? What you are feeling most likely is the truth. But know this, most times, the doctor’s personal nurse or assistant will back up the bully doctor BECAUSE the doctor is the one controlling the salary of the nurse or assistant. So, if you feel like you are being bullied, do not let the doctor’s assistant or doctor’s nurse convince you otherwise. Never discount your own feelings. Usually, your own feelings are correct. Most times, your own feelings are correct. After all, you are an adult. You have experience going to many other doctors in your lifetime and those other doctors were professional, polite and did not seem like they were bullying you. Now, this first time, you get the feeling that you are being bullied. Listen to your own inner instincts and listen to your own feelings. jitendra swarup md

Personally, during times when I was a patient, I was not bullied, but I have been present in hospitals and in other medical facilities (as visitor and or observer) where some doctors were bullying other patients. And they got away with this bullying because the patient was made to feel like the doctor was correct and the patient was wrong. So, if you are being bullied, know that what you are feeling is most likely exactly what is happening.Normally, most doctors demand respect and they usually act as if they are above patients and other people (at least most act like that when they are in the hospital). Now, the Doctor Bully acts as if he is God and no one has the right answer except him. I will call him, DB for now So DB feels that just because he went to medical school and graduated that he is boss of everything. He puts himself on a pedestal and insists that everyone(patients, contractors and staff) listen to his every word and act as if they have no minds of their own. When it comes to making decisions, DB is it and everyone else is out.


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