Will Sherlund– 4 Key Ways Martial Arts Help ADHA Children Overcome Learning Difficulties

Many children around the world suffer from a condition known as attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). They are generally overly active, find it difficult to concentrate and control their impulsive behavior. Most of them perform poorly in school in comparison to their peers because of their learning difficulties. They cannot even participate in team sports. As a result, they become loners and end up being victims of bullies.

Will Sherlund is a personal protection coach from America with many years of valuable experience under his belt. He is well-versed in various martial arts techniques and teaches people to defend themselves in violent situations. He is currently the founder of a popular mixed martial arts (MMA) training school called Gutter Fighting Secrets.

He explains martial art refers to the codified system of ancient combat practices originating from East Asia. These unarmed fighting techniques involve the performance of explosive kicks, punches, and over-the-head throws. People practicing martial arts notice an increase in their strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, balance, and agility. They can improve their concentration, control their emotions, overcome negative thoughts and transcend their ego. Learning the various forms of martial arts helps children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder in the following ways:

  • Show respect

Learning to show respect is essential in mastering various martial arts forms. Children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder need to follow what instructors say to them. In doing so, they even have to treat those around them fairly and be kind to them. Over time, they learn the importance of supporting others and getting the same support in return.

  • Enhance concentration

Learning to focus is essential for mastering martial arts techniques. Instructors with experience in teaching martial arts know how to improve the concentration powers of children with ADHD. In many instances, they tell them to perform a particular basic stance repeatedly to enable them to focus on the next move. Over time, these children even learn different breathing exercises to improve their concentration.

  • Builds coordination

Martial arts instructors teach children with ADHD to practice various fighting techniques slowly and to repeat them. This helps to build the children’s muscle memory and understand the body movements when executing these techniques. Over time, these children can develop their motor skills and mind-body awareness.

  • Emphasis on self-defense and self-control

Children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder do learn fighting techniques when practicing martial arts. However, the focus is on self-defense and not promoting violence. Martial arts provide these children with an outlet to vent out their anger and emotional frustration. This enables them to learn how to control their emotions.

Will Sherlund concludes by saying attending martial arts classes can transform children’s lives with attention-deficit hyperactive disorder. They learn to control their negative emotions, develop their coordination skills and improve their concentration. Instructors help them to focus on tasks in front of them by teaching them to follow instructions. This enables them to overcome their learning disabilities. When choosing a martial arts school, their parents should select one close to their residence and have experienced instructors in the field.